This is the spookiest halloween pouch of the year! It contains:

1 black Snails nail polish special edition for halloween day as this color is not in our regular Snails collections.
1  halloween nail stickers.

All you need to add to your little ones for a perfect detail to their costumes.

Have a faboolous Halloween everyone!


All Snails nail polish are 12 free, washable, odourless, stainless on all surfaces.

The nail stickers in the pouch have been designed especially for halloween day. They are full of pumpkins, black cats, witches and many more fun designs to decorate the nails.

When you are done you just have to wash your nails with water and soap. SIMPLE & CLEAN!

The bow on the bottles are the hallmark of Snails brand as a little something extra that can be used as a ring for the little girls.

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